District Advisory Council Meetings: Empowering Youth Agripreneurs in the Heart of Communities

November 16, 2023by Alex Agaba0

At Gudie Leisure Farm, we believe in the power of collaboration and community-driven initiatives that uplift the vibrant youth Agripreneur champions across various districts. One of our pivotal programs, the District Advisory Council (DAC) meetings, stands as a testament to this commitment, fostering connections, and leveraging opportunities for sustainable development within the regions we serve.

Purpose and Significance of DAC Meetings

The DAC meetings that convene quarterly offer a platform for youth Agripreneur champions to forge meaningful partnerships with district stakeholders. These sessions facilitate direct interactions with esteemed District Technical Staff, including Sub County Chiefs, Community Development Officers, Production Officers, and Fisheries Offices.

Through these meetings, our youth Agripreneur champions gain access to a myriad of opportunities, ranging from grants and funds (governmental and non-governmental), including programs like the Parish Development Model (PDM) and Myooga SACCOs. Moreover, these gatherings have become an avenue for enhancing financial literacy, with training sessions conducted by esteemed institutions like Equity Bank and other financial entities.

Our youth Agripreneur champions gain access to a myriad of opportunities, ranging from grants and funds

Bridging the Gap and Amplifying Opportunities

The impact of DAC meetings extends beyond mere gatherings. They serve as a bridge between Gudie Leisure Farm, district technical teams, and the vibrant youth Agripreneurship champions. Hosting approximately 100 guests at youth members’ locations every quarter, these meetings foster visibility for our activities while securing support and buy-in from district leaders.

DAC Meeting in Kamwenge District: A Testament to Collaboration

Recently, in Kamwenge District, we were graciously hosted by the TUKUNDANE YOUTH BIGORO PELA for a session focused on the theme: “Youth Agripreneur Champions Partnering with the District for Development.” The goal was to explore how these champions could align with district plans for mutual growth and progress.

The distinguished roster of attendees included esteemed partners like GOAL, Parish Chairpersons, District PELA Chairpersons, Gudie Leisure Farm representatives, Parish Chiefs, School Agri-Clubs Patrons, Community Development Officers, Agricultural Officers, Youth Co-operation Leaders, and other esteemed community figures.

DAC meetings at Gudie Leisure Farm Kikuube District v2
Guests at the Kamwenge DAC meeting


The Impact: Fostering Partnerships and Transformation

The impact of these meetings resonates in the heightened visibility of Gudie Leisure Farm’s initiatives, securing endorsements and support from district leaders. Importantly, DAC meetings have served as a conduit for investment and partnership opportunities, empowering the youth with resources and collaborations essential for their entrepreneurial endeavors.

At Gudie Leisure Farm, these DAC meetings signify more than just gatherings; they symbolize a collective commitment to drive positive change, foster collaboration, and empower our youth Agripreneur champions to realize their full potential within their communities.

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