Busoga Region Spotlight: Fostering Cultural Heritage and Economic Opportunities

November 17, 2023by Alex Agaba0

The recent two-day Busoga Region Spotlight event held at Gudie Leisure Farm was a vibrant celebration of cultural immersion and business empowerment, bringing together diverse voices, traditions, and entrepreneurial spirits. Spanning across two remarkable days, the event unfolded a tapestry of Busoga’s rich heritage and budding business prospects.

Day 1: Busoga Cultural Immersion – A Journey Through Tradition

The festivities commenced with the enchanting Busoga Cultural Immersion on Sunday, November 5th, 2023. From the rhythmic echoes of the Busoga anthem to a captivating tour of the Busoga cultural village, attendees relished a glimpse into the lives of Busoga’s cultural leaders and the legacy they left behind. The cultural village painted a vivid picture of Busoga’s heritage, showcasing traditional items, utensils, and tools integral to Busoga’s domestic life, including millet, sorghum (omuembe), knives, pots, baskets, and more.

Guests tour the Busoga cultural village
Guests tour the Busoga cultural village

Amidst this immersive experience, the event came alive with vibrant displays of talent through traditional dances, songs, and skits, embodying the essence of Busoga’s cultural wealth.

The youth from Busoga display their talent through traditional dances songs and skits
The youth from Busoga display their talent through traditional dances, songs and skits


Additionally, the day commemorated the graduation of the Division Youth Agripreneurship Champion (YAV) Trainers, marking the successful completion of training for 3,625 YAVs, with 887 YAVs trained in October alone. Gudie Leisure Farm’s vision aims to empower 50,000 YAVs by June 2024, paving the way for youth to become ambassadors of our white meat enterprise across their regions.

In her address, Dr. Gudula Naiga Basaza, the Managing Director and Founder of Gudie Leisure Farm, extended congratulations to the YAVs, acknowledging their potential role as ambassadors in promoting our white meat offerings across diverse regions.

Day 2: Busoga Region Business Symposium – Unveiling Business Horizons

Monday, November 6th, 2023, witnessed the eagerly anticipated Busoga Region Business Symposium and Dinner, drawing numerous guests, stakeholders, and enterprising youth eager to explore and unlock the potential of their businesses within the Busoga Region.

Dr. Gudula Naiga Basaza the Managing Director and Founder of Gudie Leisure Farm warmly welcomed everyone to the Busoga Region Business Symposium which was the last region spotlight. “We have been able to do nine region spotlights and this is our last one”, she said. She added that Gudie Leisure Farm incubated a total of 108 youth from 18 parishes from the Busoga region and the same youth went back and incubated a resounding 10,800 youth out of school and 2,160 that were in school.

The day unfolded with impactful speeches from esteemed personalities, catering particularly to the youth in attendance. Hon. Rachel Magoola, the Woman MP Bugweri District and Chairperson Parliamentary Forum for Creative Arts, urged the youth to wholeheartedly commit to their choices and harness their creative potential.

Hon. Rachel Magoola, the Woman MP Bugweri District at the Busoga Region Business Symposium
Hon. Rachel Magoola, the Woman MP Bugweri District at the Busoga Region Business Symposium

Dr. Frank Nabwiso, the Vice-Chancellor of Busoga University, shed light on the region’s history and evolution, emphasizing its strategic geographical advantage owing to its connectivity through major highways.

Deo Nyago, Tourism Development Officer from the Ministry Of Tourism, Wildlife And Antiquities, highlighted the untapped economic potential in tourism within Busoga, encouraging youth to leverage online platforms and capitalize on regional events like Nyege Nyege and the Busoga Royal Wedding for economic growth.

Nakigudde Esther from the National Planning Authority urged the youth to actively engage in national programs like the Parish Development Model and Emyooga SACCOs, underscoring their relevance and benefits.

The Business Symposium provided a platform for the youth to exhibit their businesses across various cottage industries during the white meat value chain cottage industry show, presenting opportunities for funding from potential investors.

The Busoga Region Spotlight event encapsulated a blend of cultural pride, insightful discussions, and entrepreneurial prospects, envisioning a future where Busoga’s rich heritage intertwines seamlessly with economic growth and opportunity.

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