Empowering Acholi Youth: Highlights from the Acholi Region Business Symposium

November 1, 2023by Alex Agaba0

On Monday, October 2nd, 2023, Gudie Leisure Farm witnessed a congregation of eager minds and aspiring entrepreneurs for the Acholi Region Business Symposium and Dinner. The event drew attendees from across the region to explore the vast potential their businesses could unlock.

The Symposium Unveiled:

The event was elegantly hosted by Specy Aywek, the CEO of Bistro Franchise at Gudie Leisure Farm. She set the stage for a day filled with insights and inspiration.

Dr. Gudula Naiga Basaza, the Managing Director of Gudie Leisure Farm, welcomed the youth from Acholi and warmly recalled that a remarkable 360 youth from Acholi were initially incubated at the farm, with an additional 42,000 receiving incubation from the Parish Entrepreneurship Learning Associations (PELAs) back in Acholi. She highlighted the pivotal role of the Acholi Region Spotlight in helping youth explore the region, discover opportunities, and position themselves for success.

Dr. Gudula revealed an exciting cottage industry approach at Gudie Leisure Farm, featuring 25 vibrant cottages. These cottages empower youth to incubate their skills and form their own ventures upon returning to their communities.

An announcement from Dr. Gudula thrilled the crowd as she unveiled plans for expeditions to various districts, beginning with Moroto in December.

Dr Gudula Naiga Basaza at Acholi business symposium Dr Gudula
Dr. Gudula welcomes attendees to the Acholi Region Business Symposium


A Journey through Acholi History:

The symposium took a historical turn as Mr. Thomas Lapyem delved into the legends of the Acholi region. He shared the captivating story of Labongo and Gipir, two brothers who became ancestral fathers of all the Luo. His message was clear: unity and networking are pivotal for entrepreneurial success.

Words of Wisdom from Distinguished Guests:

Hon. Jacob Ojok, Secretary for Production, Trade & Natural Resources, emphasized the importance of collaboration among PELAs. He highlighted commercial opportunities in Acholi, from fertile lands ready for cultivation to the potential for generating electricity from the region’s abundant waterfalls.

Hon. Acan Judith, Woman Member of Parliament, Nwoya District, shared valuable principles for personal and business success. Her advice included understanding your customers, selecting a niche, evaluating and implementing changes, and setting priorities.

Hon. Komakech Christopher, MP Aruu County, Pader District, graced the audience with his life story of resilience and determination. He urged the youth to embrace every stage of their lives and to prioritize integrity over wealth.

Hon Komakech Christopher MP Aruu County at Acholi business symposium
Hon. Komakech Christopher MP Aruu County at the Acholi Business Symposium

Entrepreneurial Inspiration:

Amina Hersi Moghe, a successful Somali entrepreneur with multimillion-dollar projects in Uganda, shared her journey. She emphasized the power of resourcefulness, stating that one doesn’t need vast capital to start a business. She encouraged embracing the blessings of business and using them wisely.

Amina Hersi Moghe is           the proprietor of Atiak sugar factory in the northern district of Amuru
Amina Hersi Moghe is the proprietor of Atiak sugar factory in the northern district of Amuru

Lanyero Christine, the proprietor of Larem Travellers Ltd, encouraged young entrepreneurs to venture into various businesses with any available capital. She stressed the importance of saving, building trust, and taking calculated risks.

Showcasing Talent and Innovation:

The symposium’s grand finale was the cottage industry showcase, where ambitious youth had the opportunity to present their businesses and pitch to potential investors. This segment marked the beginning of new opportunities, partnerships, and growth.


The Acholi Region Business Symposium and Dinner was a resounding success, uniting aspiring entrepreneurs with established figures who shared their wisdom, experience, and encouragement. The event opened doors to exciting possibilities and showcased the incredible talent, heritage, and entrepreneurial spirit of the Acholi region. Gudie Leisure Farm remains committed to empowering youth and fostering a prosperous future for all.


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