The Gudie Leisure Farm Regional Spotlights: Exposing Entrepreneurs to the Gold in Their Backyard

August 22, 2023by Grace Nakato0

Many entrepreneurs in Uganda, like most people in the country, are convinced that the opportunities they need to grow and
prosper can only be found outside their homes, and even their nation – a disempowering mindset that has kept both them and their enterprises stuck, even driving their businesses, in some cases, into obsolescence unnecessarily.

Often the reason behind this thinking is lack of exposure to the wealth the country offers us as its citizens. Unlike the foreign investors who keep flocking into Uganda, we have not invested in exploring the resources with which we have been blessed, and for those among us who have, the full potential they possess. We often limit our possibilities as well by believing that only a few special people can enjoy them and will therefore not challenge ourselves to gain the competences required to maximally harness them.

We are joining hands with public and private actors who are committed to changing this narrative…

As Gudie Leisure Farm, we are joining hands with public and private actors who are committed to changing this narrative in the establishment of platforms through which our entrepreneurs can learn about the investment and therefore growth opportunities the country offers.

Key to note is that the sustainability of their businesses should they choose to engage in their exploitation, greatly depends on their understanding of the different communities in its regions and the role they play in the advancement of their enterprises. So we are also supporting them to obtain a greater appreciation of their cultural heritage and the nature of the environment they live and work in.

The Gudie Leisure Farm Regional Spotlights, which began in October 2022 with Karamoja as the region under focus, are one of the platforms that we have created in order to achieve this.

Gudie Leisure Farm spotlights. Teso
Mr. Julius Kapwepwe, Technical Advisor – Parish Development Model, talking about the opportunities the Government of Uganda will be extending to local communities through its Parish Model Development program at the Teso Regional Spotlight.

The exciting events, which majorly target young entrepreneurs in agro-based enterprises and related industries, involve a series of insightful discussions about the investment opportunities in the different regions of the country and the strategies required to sustainably exploit them, cultural fairs aimed at exposing them to the beliefs and norms of the communities there and expeditions to not only where they live and work but also the tourist sites they host.

At the end of the day, the entrepreneurs are able to expand their horizons., finding the growth and prosperity they are looking for.

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