Building sustainable agribusinesses

Our Vision

To become a Center of Excellence for Sustainable Business in Africa.

Our Mission

To transform the youth of Africa into 4P entrepreneurs.

Taking up personal leadership and ownership.

Organised for operations that are qualitative and effective based on clear market forecasts.

Providing viable products and services that are compliant with the market standards.

Creating enterprises that can provide them with sustainable earnings.

Our Objectives

To create a profitabe and sustainable agribusiness company by 2030.

To build sustainable Parish Entrepreneurship Learning Associations (PELAS) across Uganda by 2030.

To establish the Gudie Agribusiness University by 2030.

To create and develop organized agribusiness markets for our eco-system’s value chain products by 2030.

To establish a Gudie Agribusiness Bank by 2030.

Core Values

Innovation: we value out-of-the-box thinking is core to the progress of communities and countries.

Integrity: we prize integrity in all we do because it is foundational to noteworthy success and sustainable development.

Inclusion: we believe that diversity is central to organizational success as well as innovation, peace and security.

About Us

Gudie Leisure Farm (GLF), a trade name of R&G Investments Ltd, is a social enterprise that was incorporated on 14th January, 2009, to transform African agribusiness by empowering its vast human resource – youth – with the competences required to start and build strong and sustainable agribusiness-related enterprises that can successfully thrive on the global scene as they provide solutions that not only deliver great economic returns for their investors and countries, but also tip the balance heavily in favor of their vulnerable populations, especially women and youth, transforming them into wealthy and sustainable communities.

Working closely with equally invested local and international partners, we are leveraging the tool of business to sustainably build strong, well-organized and well-coordinated networks of profitable and competitive agro-based enterprises in the white meat value chain (fish, poultry, piggery and cuniculture) and related value chains (cereals, oil seeds, tubers, horticulture) so that they can, working in close collaboration, efficiently and effectively respond to existing and emerging market opportunities and also guarantee food, nutrition and socio-economic security for their communities.

Dr Gudula N Basaza
“The sustainable growth and prosperity of our country and continent requires committed investment in the development of strong collaborations between and amongst the different actors in its agricultural value chains.”

Professor Gudula Naiga Basaza,
Founder and Managing Director, Gudie Leisure Farm

Our Footprint

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012345678900123456789070% women
012345678902% Refugees

Gudie Leisure Farm operates in 750 parishes and 50 divisions in 30 districts across all regions of Uganda including Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso, Lwengo, Kyotera, Masaka, Kiryandongo, Luweero, Dokolo, Moroto, Arua, Amolatar, Nwoya, Soroti, Jinja, Namisindwa, Tororo, Hoima, Mbarara, Isingiro, Kabale, Kisoro, Kikuube, Fort Portal, Kamwenge and Kassanda, Rubanda, Butambala, Kabongo, Rakai, as well as 6 refugee settlements – Rwamwanja, Kiryandongo, Maaji, Nakivale, Rhino and Kyangwali

Our Inspiration

The Problem

Agro-industrialization offers immense opportunities for the transformation of the socio-economic welfare of millions of Ugandans and Africa as a whole. However, our agricultural value chains are still weak with actors who have got inadequate technical and business skills and weak management systems and controls as reflected in inefficiencies in their production and distribution processes. Many of them also find it very difficult to access profitable markets and mobilize adequate financing.

Furthermore, their ability to profitably, competitively and sustainably engage in the existing and emerging markets is limited by the lack of collaboration with other actors in and outside their value chains, a challenge arising mainly out of inadequate knowledge about the invaluable benefits that come with partnering with other individuals and institutions. This is hindering so many opportunities for Uganda’s and Africa’s largely youthful population, and is also a deterrent for investors whose investments could catalyze the growth and development of the sector.

The Solution

To resolve some of the above challenges, Gudie Leisure Farm (GLF) has over the last 13 years invested in mobilizing, organizing and building the capacity of aspiring young entrepreneurs as well as those already operating micro and small (MSEs) enterprises along the different nodes of its focus agricultural value chains (white meat, cereals, horticulture, tubers and oilseeds) to profitably and competitively produce and deliver high quality products and services to the marketplace as competent inter-linked supply chain partners.

We offer them a mix of integrated business development services including technical, business and life skills training, coaching and mentorship, linkages to various business development services (BDS), valuable information about important developments in their markets and industries, affordable financial and health services as well as platforms through which they can work with key decision makers in the business and policy space who are vital to their enterprises’ success and sustainability.

Gudie Leisure Farm is, additionally, a supplier and distributor of the products and services they deal in, and also a market development services provider as well as customer for their businesses – buying the products and services they produce.

We also play the role of investment promotion, linking the MSEs we work with and communities they operate in to potential investors – local and foreign.


Prof. Robert K. Basaza

Robert is a successful, driven and dynamic public health physician and health economist with over 36years’ work experience and research interests in health policy and systems: health financing and economics, policy, planning and management.

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