Briquettes (Honey Comb)



Eco-Friendly Biomass Briquettes – Sustainable Energy Source


Discover the eco-friendly solution to clean and efficient energy with our Biomass Briquettes, meticulously crafted and offered by Gudie Leisure Farm. Our briquettes provide an environmentally conscious alternative fuel source for heating and cooking needs.

Sustainable and Renewable: Crafted from organic, renewable biomass materials such as sawdust, agricultural residues, and wood chips, our Biomass Briquettes are a sustainable energy choice. By using naturally sourced materials, we reduce waste and promote a greener, cleaner environment.

High Efficiency and Clean Burning: Our briquettes are engineered to deliver consistent, high heat output with minimal smoke and ash. The compact design and uniform shape ensure efficient combustion, providing a clean-burning, long-lasting energy source for various applications.

Versatile and Reliable: Whether for heating homes, powering cooking stoves, or supporting industrial needs, our Biomass Briquettes offer versatility and reliability. Their uniform size and shape make them convenient to use in a wide range of heating or cooking appliances.


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