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Providing Sustainable Energy Solutions

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Home Products

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Nature Protecting

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Smart Sockets

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Our Latest News

Exploring Growth Opportunities in Uganda’s Cereal Industry: Insights from the Cereal Cottage Industry Conference at Gudie Leisure Farm
Exploring Growth Opportunities in Uganda’s Cereal Industry: Insights from the Cereal Cottage Industry Conference at Gudie Leisure Farm
In recent years, the agricultural landscape in Uganda has witnessed significant shifts, with various sectors emerging as key players in driving economic growth and sustainability. Among these, the cereals industry stands out for its pivotal role in providing livelihoods to local communities and contributing to the nation’s food security. To delve deeper into the potential...
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Gudie Leisure Farm Cooking Workshop with Michaela Delbaere
Gudie Leisure Farm Cooking Workshop: Expand Your Culinary Horizons!
Expand your culinary skills and indulge in a day of gastronomic delights at our Cooking Workshop! Join renowned chef and author Michaela Delbaere as she guides you through the preparation of exquisite dishes from around the world. What You Will Learn: 🥒 Zucchini au gratin 🍆 Grilled Southern oven vegetables 🐟 Spanish Fish soup 🥔...
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Talent show featured
Creativity Thrives and Memories Made at the Gudie Leisure Farm Talent Show.
At Gudie Leisure Farm, we believe in the power of creativity to bring people together and create unforgettable moments. Our Talent Shows offer the perfect platform for individuals from all walks of life to showcase their unique talents and entertain audiences with captivating performances. Whether it’s art, fashion, poetry, music, dance, acting, or comedy, there’s...
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the Mastercard Foundation team was treated to a tour showcasing our diverse cottage industries
Mastercard Foundation Exco visit Ziad a Gudie Leisure Farm Youth Agripreneur Champion
On the vibrant day of October 24th, 2023, Gudie Leisure Farm had the distinct honor of hosting esteemed members of the Mastercard Foundation’s Executive Committee. Their visit was particularly focused on one of our shining stars, Ziad, a commendable Youth Agripreneur Champion (YAC) and one of our YAV trainees. Ziad, a trainee under Gudie Leisure...
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Kyengyagala Ziad Youth Agripreneur Champions
Kyengyagala Ziad: Empowering Youth Agripreneur and Community Influencer
At Gudie Leisure Farm, we celebrate the remarkable success stories that emerge from our Division YAV Trainers program. One such inspiring individual is Kyengyagala Ziad, a thriving entrepreneur who underwent training in his division. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurship and dedication in fostering community development. Ziad, a Peri-Urban Youth...
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We’re a team dedicated to provide you with the tools and products to use the power of Sun and Wind and convert it to your very own home energy.

Home Ready Ecology Power

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How to convert to renewable energy?

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What are the most efficient alternatives?

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How to choose the right renewable power?

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How to get the most of my energy source?

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Meet our Team


Peter Wright

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Angela Johnson

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Brandon House

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Let’s get together!

We’re available for a meeting if you’d like to get together and have a chat about converting to renewable energy source.

8AM - 4PM
8AM - 2PM

If the suggested times are not convenient, send us an email and we will arrange a meeting.

You have the Power to change

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